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Simeon Goulden is an award-winning television writer and producer with nearly 20 years experience in the industry in the UK and Los Angeles.

I offer comprehensive script consulting and script doctor services to writers and producers.

My expert knowledge about the craft and the business will help you take your work to the next level.

Why Get Script Notes?

Getting feedback on your script is one of the most essential (if sometimes painful) aspects of scriptwriting.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a sophisticated reader to quickly and professionally review your work before it is submitted to a production company, studio, competition or a prospective agent.

That's where I come in.

My incisive, quick, and professional script notes will help you get your script into the best possible shape. This is a tough business and sometimes you only have one chance to impress.

Together, we will make your script shine.  

About Simeon

I am a working television writer and producer, represented by UTA in the States and United Agents in the UK.

I started off writing additional material for BBC Radio. From there, I steadily progressed through the ranks, first writing sketches for the Armstrong & Miller Show (BBC One), then winning some competitions, then writing multiple episodes of "Secret Diary of A Call Girl" (Showtime/ITV).

I subsequently sold my original sitcom "Spy" (Sky 1/Hat Trick Productions), which ran for two seasons and won the Rose D'Or and was nominated for an International Emmy. I made a pilot episode of "Spy" for ABC in Los Angeles, after which I sold a new script to Showtime

Between 2014 and 2020, I lived and worked in Los Angeles, developing scripts with Showtime, Sony Pictures, and Chelsea Handler Productions. Returning to the UK in 2020, I currently have scripts in development with Disney, Hat Trick Productions, Fearless Minds and Golden Path Productions.

On all my projects, I have not only been the writer, but also a producer and therefore have hands-on experience of all aspects of television production which can be invaluable to the scriptwriting process.


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TV Script Notes

Detailed Script Report (minimum 4 pages) 

Follow up emails and discussion.

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Movie Screenplay Notes

Detailed Script Report (minimum 6 pages)

Follow up emails and discussion.

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Script Doctor

Actively re-writing scripts (typically for producers and studios).

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Targeted at emerging writers or film students who might benefit from longer term mentoring and guidance. 

What Will Your 
Script Notes
Look Like?

Once I have read your script, I will prepare detailed written script notes adopting the following format:

1. Script Evaluation:

- Concept: Assessment of the originality and viability of the concept. Comment on the strengths of the premise and its potential appeal to the target audience.

- Plot: Analysis of the plot structure, pacing, and overall storytelling. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the narrative arc and character development.

- Characters: Analysis of the main characters, their motivations, and how well they are developed, together with an evaluation of the supporting characters and their relevance to the story.

- Dialogue: Assessment of the quality of the dialogue and thoughts on the effectiveness of the conversations and whether they contribute to the story and character development.

- Theme: Examination of the underlying themes and messages of the script. Evaluation of how effectively they are conveyed and their relevance to the intended audience.

- Tone and Style: Assessment of the tone and style of the writing. 

- Structure and Formatting: Evaluation of the organisation and clarity of the script. Assessment of the proper use of industry formatting.

- Visual Potential: Assessment of the visual elements of the script, such as action sequences, set pieces, and visual storytelling.

- Marketability: Evaluation of the market potential of the script, considering factors such as current industry trends, target audience, and potential competitors.

2. Strengths: Identifying the notable strengths of the script, including its unique elements, engaging characters, compelling plot points, or any other positive aspects.

3. Weaknesses: Identifying the areas where the script could be improved, highlighting any weaknesses in the plot, characters, dialogue, structure, or other elements.

4. Conclusion: Summary of the key points of the evaluation and what next steps are recommended to help the script be successful. 

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Script Doctor

This service is typically offered to industry professionals, such as studios and production companies.

Being more of a professional engagement, my services as a script doctor would be negotiated through my agents.

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I have provided longer term mentoring to post-graduate students studying for qualifications in Television and Radio.

The mentoring would be tailored to your specific needs, combining regular virtual meetings and email contact.

This would give you personal access to an industry professional to help you develop your ideas and improve your chances of delivering a top quality script. 

The Process

Once you have decided you want my help, it could not be easier to get the ball rolling. In a few simple steps, you can get my professional analysis of your script within days.   


Get in touch

Send me an email letting me know about your project and which services you require.


We agree the services to be provided and you make payment.

Send me your script

I will confirm safe receipt (usually within 24 hours) and immediately start work.

Receive Script Notes

I will send you written Script Notes within the agreed time frame. 


Depending on the service you have selected, we will have further discussions so that you are clear on the notes and have a plan on how to proceed.

Sell Your Script!

TV Script Notes (30")


Notes on half-hour television scripts up to 40 pages within 14 days. Minimum 4 page report.

TV Script Notes (60") 


Notes on hour long television scripts up to 70 pages within 14 days. Minimum 4 page report.

Movie Script Notes


Notes on feature length movie script up to 130 pages within 21 days. Minimum 6 page report.

Script Doctor / Mentoring


Please get in touch for a tailored quote.

Express Service


Need your notes in a hurry? I can offer a 5 day turnaround for TV Script Notes.

Face to Face


If you would like to discuss your script after receiving your notes, I can offer a 45 minute virtual meetings via Zoom or WhatsApp. You can order as many follow up sessions as you wish.

Prices for corporate clients will differ. Please contact me for a bespoke quote. 

TV Package 30"


(saving of 15%)

  • TV Script Notes (30")
  • Express Report
  • 1 Face-to-Face virtual meeting
TV Package 60"


(saving of 15%)

  • TV Script Notes (60")
  • Express Report
  • 1 Face-to-Face virtual meeting
Movie Package


(saving of 15%)

  • Movie Script Notes 
  • Express Report within 14 days
  • 1 Face-to-Face virtual meetings

Some of My Work

Secret Diary of A Call Girl (Showtime/ITV2)

SPY (Behind The Scenes Interviews)


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