Spec Script Samples

When I was starting out, I wrote a number of spec scripts to enter into competitions in the US. I wanted to see if I was up to writing for some of the smartest shows on TV at the time.

I highly recommend this to newer writers. It is a great test trying to write for your favourite shows and who knows, you may even win!

You can read some of my competition spec scripts below:
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30 Rock

Aired 2006-2013

Creator: Tina Fey

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Aired 2007-2014

Creator: Tom Kapinos

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The Life and Times of Tim

Aired 2008-2012

Creator: Steve Dildarian

Original Script Samples

My main focus has always been on creating original shows. This is partly because there isn't the same demand for staff writers in the UK and partly because I prefer to write my own stuff.

I have put below some of my favourite scenes from original scripts I have written. 

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Spy (Sky 1)
Pilot: Opening Scene (click +)

This was the opening scene from my Sky 1 show. The real estate is so valuable in a sitcom script that it's important to establish the characters, the world, the dynamics, and the comic tension as quickly as possible in the cold open.

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Control Alt Delete (Showtime/Fox 21)
Pilot: Opening Scene (click +)

This was the opening scene from my Showtime pilot. As a former lawyer, I wanted to draw the audience straight into the crazy, brutal world of corporate law, showing the characters at their appalling best.

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Secret Diary of A Call Girl (ITV2/Showtime/Tiger Aspect)
Season 4, Episode 3, Scene 9: (click +)

This was a fun scene to write. I'm a fan of fast-paced dialogue and the actors' excellent comic timing really made this scene fizz.